Oxywork ContactCenter Online Banking Edition

As an actor of the banking world, you are always in research of powerful solutions to better satisfy your existing customers, find new sources of income and have arguments to attract new customers.

Oxywork ContactCenter is a web-based software allowing management of contacts, messages, community and accounts over Internet, as well as complete editorial management.

We are proud to present you Oxywork ContactCenter in its Online Banking Edition version :

  • Allow your customers to consult their accounts by Internet, with a protected access (login/password, SSL encoding), and optionnaly by Wap, iMode...

    a clear and effective interface; many advanced functions
    The access is done on a dedicated server, out of your information system: the data is typically transmitted once per day.
    Many options of security are available in Oxywork ContactCenter.
    • Advanced functions: search by type of operation, date, text in the reference, value...
    • Exports in main formats of the market (Excel, Quicken®, Money®...)
    • A clear and compact display : general overview ; account details...

  • Offer new services: SMS alarms ; subscriptions with sending of statements by SMS, email or fax...
    These optional services are very simply managed by your teams, directly in Oxywork ContactCenter. An export is created with a simple clic for invoicing the options.

  • Manage your information and have a complete publication tool on Internet
    All your information can be published and updated by the editing interfaces provided by Oxywork ContactCenter.

  • Propose a secure communication interface with your customers
    Oxywork ContactCenter integrates tools of shared or private mail, to manage incoming contacts (email, chat, and even voice over IP optionnaly)

    Example of a return on investment graph (in thousands of Euros per month) accompanying the preliminary study according to the information you can provide us (number of customers, new customers per month, projected cost of the services, projected services...). This study makes it possible to quickly formalize the services to be proposed and their tariff, according to your type of customers.
  • option : have a externalized callcenter for managing your contacts
    Externalize your email/chat/phone/fax reception service : We can treat for you any type of entering contact: prospective customer, customer...

  • Benefit from a simple and fast installation by an experienced team
    Our agency studio.Oxywork can realise the whole installation of the project and assist your team for the automation of data sending.

Do not hesitate to ask a simulation by filling the information form or by contacting us : the return on investment is mesured in months and the installation is very quickly profitable.

Act now : contact us to receive a simulation, a complete documentation and to consult online examples.

Online Banking Edition : demande d'information

Thank you for your request. All required information is optional, will remain strictly confidential and will be used only for the constitution of your preliminary study (technical dimensioning, organization, return on investment).

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